Psychological Counseling

The Counseling Service was created to respond to the need of UNISANNIO students to have a space to listen and discuss with expert professionals to face university life in full awareness and develop strategies to deal with any difficulties.

It is a free service aimed at those who experience situations of personal or motivational hardship or difficulties in studying.

In particular, university counseling is an aid and support tool for overcoming problems related to:

  • studying (difficulty in attention and/or concentration, organization of study)
  • emotional management (anxiety, irritability, stress, fears about the future)
  • to social life (colleagues and teachers)
  • to self-esteem (insecurity, distrust)

Provision of the Psychological Counseling Service

The University of Sannio entrusts the service to professionals who are available for individual or group interviews.
Interviews will take place in mixed mode, both online and in person.

To book a meeting you need to send an email to
The inability to participate in the interview must be communicated to the same email address, promptly and in any case within 24 hours of the scheduled date for the session.

A maximum of 3 individual interviews can be used, at the end of which the professional will provide the student, where necessary, with indications for a specific therapy that can be carried out by the interested party independently, with the help of a trusted professional or at the competent ASL, on the basis of the foreseen tariffs.

Counseling contacts

Location: Palazzo De Simone (III floor), Piazza Arechi II, BN
Delegate: Prof. ENNIO CAVUOTO – Tel. 0824.305207
Psychologist Psychotherapist: Dr. ANNACHIARA LUCIANI

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